The Rum Bible & other secrets

“Where we find rum, we find action, sometimes cruel, sometimes heroic, sometimes humorous, but always vigorous and interesting.”– Charles William Taussig in Rum, Romance and Rebellion (1928)

Everyone remember JC Picco, our new GM? (If you don’t, we’ll take a moment for you to refresh.)

Since JC joined The Rum Barrel team, he’s had some great ideas about making The Barrel even more awesome to visitors, diners, and imbibers. There’s not much I can divulge right now, but one of our upcoming features has something to do with The Rum Bible.

(Remember The Rum Bible? If you don’t, we’ll take a moment for you to refresh.)

More details, you ask? When we say we have over 100 of the finest and most divine rums in the world, we mean it.

But it wasn’t enough to have it on our shelves. We inked a testament of those rums dating back to The Rum Barrel’s inception that includes Rum 101 and interesting facts about libation that helped kickstart the American Revolution.

Of course, all the rums you’ll read about are all available for your sampling pleasure at The Barrel.

Anyway, that’s all I can say for now. Stay tuned for more details on what JC has up his rolled-up sleeve. I know. Such a tease.

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