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Help Us Help You.

A common question I hear from customers at the bar is, “What’s a GOOD rum?” Of course, when you have over 220 rums as the Rum Barrel does, that’s not an easy question to answer. Because there is a lot of good rum out there, and we have a lot of it in here.

But many people do want to drink good rum, especially while at a rum bar in Key West, and a lot of them are just unfamiliar with what’s good and what isn’t. Many only know the stuff they drank in college, or tried on that one vacation in the Caribbean. And both of those experiences may have been a tad bit blurry.

So, what IS good? A fair question, but not an easy one to answer. Luckily, you the customer–yes, YOU–have the ability to help your bartender figure out the answer, even if you know less about rum than I know about the blizzard-resistant architectural code for buildings in North Dakota. (Which is pretty much nothing, as I majored in broadcasting at Arizona State.)

You don’t have to know anything about rum to know what you like. Let’s say you tell us you normally like drinking whiskey. Well heck, there are plenty of rums aged in whiskey barrels, which take on some nice whiskey characteristics, while still being unmistakably rum. Perhaps you prefer wine? We have some lovely Spanish rum that is aged in sherry casks. Cognac? Let us show you this delightful Venezuelan rum.

Or perhaps you are in the mood for something sweet and delicious. We have some flavored rums that may well change your religion. You’re normally a beer drinker, you say, but feel like while you’re in Key West, you want to try some rum? Easy enough….we have several rums that go remarkably well with beer. Or if you need that carbonation of beer, perhaps a Dark & Stormy, made with ginger beer.

Maybe you’re in the mood for something from a particular place. Had a great time on that vacation in Jamaica? Feeling nostalgic for those great times in St. Lucia? Want to go somewhere distant and exotic, like Fiji? Rum is made in more places in the world than you would believe, and we have them waiting for you, from Antigua to Zanzibar. Okay, to be honest, I have no idea if any rum is made in Zanzibar, or even where the heck Zanzibar is, but it sounded good! But we do have rum from three different distilleries that start with the letter Z! South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa…we have rums from too many places to list. Even from some unlikely places like Kentucky and the Netherlands!

And we have rums that you’ll like. Help us help you figure out which ones they are.

Alan Gold, aka The Rum Guy.


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