Rum Barrel Features Artist: The Personal Legend
September 27, 2012 Featured Artists Live Music
The Personal Legend
Made up of Brazilian guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Luciano Souza Menezes and singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player singer, son writer, and acoustic guitar player Ibere Maravalha Fortes, The Personal Legend is a blend of Menezes’ classical music, jazz, bossa nova and rock influences and Fortes’ sense of Bob Marley and Zeppelin.
Formed in 2002 on a Brazilian rooftop, the duo moved to Pompano Beach and then Miami Beach, recording and performing at warehouses, local parties, on the streets and at open mic nights. Once known as “Eclepnopcia”, the band changed their name to The Personal Legend after reading The Alchemist. They released their first single “No Blame” in March 2011, and then in April, “Life on Fire.” They released their first album this year.
The Personal Legend will perform Friday, October 5, 2012 at 7 p.m. on The Rum Barrel Quarterdeck.

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