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Rum Barrel featured artist: Shaun Peace
November 21, 2012 Featured Artists Live Music

Mixing the roots of rock n roll, blues, and alternative music, Shaun Peace has a uniquely blended sound of acoustic and electric music that has been cultivating since his days as a young boy. Born in Texas, but moving several times before the age of 5, he landed in Virginia and was raised on rock n roll. He picked up the guitar at 12 and caught on very quickly.

He has been in several bands in the Virginia area and he records music in studios all over the world. Peace has made quite an impression on ACDC front-man Brian Johnson, who is a family friend helping get his music out to the masses. With music being his deepest passion, he just wants people to enjoy it and spread it on for others to enjoy. Spread PEACE.

Shaun Peace performs at The Rum Barrel on November 23 at 7 p.m.

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