Rum Barrel featured artist: Rock Solomon
August 20, 2012 Featured Artists Live Music

Take one slightly insane cult-icon folk singer, mix in a zany old school saxophone player, simmer nine months, season to taste, let stand three more months, then come up with a cool name and you have Rock Solomon.

He performs Friday, August 24, from 8 p.m. on the Rum Barrel Quarterdeck

From a nomadic childhood traveling the Pacific Northwest living in old panel vans, trucks and buses with five siblings and a schizophrenic mother, Rock trained in piano, flute, drums and trumpet in his early teens, later becoming a well-known wild child.

He joined a high school metal band as a drummer, before dropping out of school, getting in trouble with the law and going on the run shortly after his 18th birthday. After a couple years of running from place to place and taking odd jobs, he abandoned everything and fled to Key West to start over. He arrived with no money, no friends, and slept on the beaches.

In a few short years, he enrolled in college and studied art, music, photography, acting and more. He won several art grants including the highly coveted SFCC grant for media. He landed leading roles in The Glass Menagerie, Sordid Lives & Incorruptible that won him great accolades and sold out performances. He won a music contest on MTV and modeled in ads in the New York Times. He wrote a play and a movie, built a recording studio, recorded three albums, made several short films and a feature, discovered romance and new friends, and changed the entire course of his life through sheer passion and determination.

Rock Solomon now lives part time in Key West and part time in Los Angeles where he works exclusively in music, film and acting.

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