Rum Barrel Featured Artist: Michelle Dravis

“If I don’t know it, I’ll play something that reminds me of it.”

Michelle Dravis has been singing every night since the day she was born. Not long after she told her teachers that she wanted to be a Rock Star, her mom, a professional concert violinist, got her a guitar. And she’s come a long way, baby.

Dravis is an energetic diva, who owns any stage she’s on. With sweet melodic to upbeat and fun, her humorous presence give a rare vibrancy each show.

Dravis takes listeners on an acoustic adventure with nothing but her unmistakable voice and guitar. And she can also  rock the dance floor, powerfully leading bands, covering Rock, Blues, Alternative, Reggae favorites, and Country classics blended with funky Pop.

She’s been known, without warning, to sizzle a full house with a tune like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, driving it like she stole it with a voice larger than a 30-piece orchestra.

Dravis can also send a chill of silence through an entirely captivated auditorium with the depth of a sultry, soulful, soft voice. There’s something for everyone, so be prepared to laugh, dance,and sing along… all night long.

Michelle Dravis performs on The Rum Barrel Quarter Deck this month on March 7 and 14 at 7 p.m.

For more information on booking Dravis, shoot her an e-mail at or drop her a line at 305-896-2568.

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