Key West Live Music Artist: Bahama Boyz
March 23, 2012 Featured Artists Live Music
Bahama Boyz

Also known as Ricks ‘n’ Case, this World Beat/R&B/Rock duo of Keith Ricks and Chris Case are co-creators of the ultimate Key West jam wherever they are.

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Hailing from the Bermuda Islands, Keith was raised on classic calypsos of Harry Belafonte and many other island music kings. The time he spent in Detroit during the height of the Motown sound influenced how he sings and plays today.

Meanwhile, Chris Case is originally from Nassau, Bahamas, and was raised on the calypso and reggae of the island. He spent many years in the R&B clubs of the Southern U.S. Comfortably rockin’ his guitar in today’s sound, the roots of his past influence him today. Chris will now and then sing a classic calypso just for fun!

Bahama Boyz performs at the Rum Barrel on Friday, March 23, from 7:30 p.m.

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