Southernmost Rewards® Program

Become a member of Pat Croce's Southernmost Rewards® and get ready to start receiving points when you visit any of our 7 Key West establishments. Sign up today and we'll load a $5 BONUS REWARD* to your account as our way of saying "thanks for registering!"


The Pat Croce’s Southernmost Rewards® program allows members to earn reward points for every dollar spent at any of our restaurants & retail locations in Key West as well as the Half Shell Fish Market and Green Parrot Liquor Store. Here are some of the great rewards and offers you’ll be receiving as a member:
  • Receive a free well drink
    or appetizer at any Southernmost Rewards® establishment, or free select mini liquor (50ml) at Green Parrot Liquor Store.**

  • Receive a $10
    gift certificate.***

  • Receive a free entree of your choice during your birthday month.****

and more Special Rewards throughout the year!

Southernmost Rewards® is a paperless and cardless program. Help Mother Nature by accepting our email-only method of receiving Southernmost Rewards® program communication and rewards upon signing up for a free account.
  1. To earn points, you must give your phone number each time you make a purchase.
  2. Southernmost Rewards members will be awarded one point for each dollar spent on the purchase of all food, beverage, and merchandise.
  3. Rewards will be emailed to you and expire 30 days after date of issue.
  4. There will be no cash refund and no points earned when redeeming Southernmost Reward certificates.
  5. Members earn points when they purchase store gift certificates, however, points are not issued when the gift certificate is redeemed.
  6. Earned points will be carried over annually. You never lose a point in Southernmost Rewards.
  7. Southernmost Rewards members must keep their personal information file up to date by reporting any changes in name, address, etc. to our store.
  8. Store employees, corporations, and institutional accounts are not eligible for memberships.
  9. Southernmost Rewards will not sell or rent your name, address, or personal information, to any other company or organization.
  10. Participating stores can cancel Southernmost Rewards at any time.
  11. Participating stores at its sole discretion, can select the merchandise included in this program, without notice to members.
  12. Please allow 48-72 hours for your rewards points to update in the system.
  13. Visit our website at: to view current point balance, recent purchases, certificates issued, and redeemed.

Rewards Disclaimers

*A $5 bonus will be automatically added to your Southernmost Rewards® member account after sign up for our Southernmost Rewards® program. The $5 bonus is redeemable when you spend $15 or more at any Southernmost Rewards® establishment, retail location, Green Parrot Liquor Store or Half Shell Fish Market.
**Not valid at Half Shell Fish Market. Maximum value of $10.
***Valid at all restaurants, retail locations, Green Parrot Liquor Store and Half Shell Fish Market.
****Not valid at retail locations, Green Parrot Liquor Store or Half Shell Fish Market. Maximum value of $25.

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