RB in the press: Delicious Mischief

Journalist, radio host, author and playwright John DeMers has eaten his way through 136 countries, so we’re stoked that he choose to Rum Barrel to stop for a rum drink or five and try out our amazing burger. Here’s what the host of Delicious Mischief had to say:

“In a bar with more than 160 rums and its own Rum Bible, how do you decide what to drink? Well, if you’re doing a radio show, you sit down with rum guy Alan Gold at the Rum Barrel and taste the afternoon away. On the air, I think we tasted a mere six different rums, with Alan offering intelligent commentaries on each. It was Alan, in fact, who updated and expanded The Rum Bible a few years back when the Rum Barrel got even more serious about its rums.

Photo Credit: John DeMers

“I’m not sure what would qualify as the ultimate “rum cuisine,” but at the Rum Barrel on Front Street, the Original Burger is a mighty good way to address the odd feeling leftover from a rum tasting on a semi-empty stomach. And yes, the potato chips are made right here too. Another signature dish, which I felt duty-bound to sample, was the Philly cheese steak spring rolls, perfect for dipping into a bowl of melted white American cheese.”

Thanks, John! Read the rest of his article, A Day of Key West Eating and Drinking.

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