Chef Patrick Dunn

Rum Barrel founder Pat Croce lured Executive Chef Patrick Dunn in 2010 to captain the Rum Barrel kitchen after Dunn made a name for himself as the protege of Iron Chef Jose Garces at his Latin-Asian Chifa Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pa.

A 2003 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Dunn was mentored by Garces, one of the nation’s most gifted chefs with six restaurants in Philadelphia and Chicago and the title of The Next Iron Chef. Dunn has also learned the art of the perfect barbecue from barbeque extraordinaire Beau Hammond in the sizzling pits of Henry’s Smokehouse in Greeneville, South Carolina.

Dunn says he developed a passion for cooking at a young age. (He started his restaurant career as a teenage dishwasher at a small Philadelphia restaurant before working his way up to line cook.)

Dunn honed his culinary experience as Chef de Cuisine at Ocean Key Resort’s Hot Tin Roof and Sous Chef at Carmine’s in Key West. Since starting at the Rum Barrel, he has revamped the menu and taken the Key West restaurant to new culinary heights, infusing the menu with only fresh local seafood and the most creative entrees in a comfortable local setting.