Finding the HMS Oxford
Captain Henry Morgan

This week’s guest blog post is by Pat Croce, owner of The Rum Barrel and founder of the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum.

Four years ago today, I was in Haiti pursuing an elusive dream that we now hope is within our reach.

This week, Bob Cembrola and I spoke once again about our mutual interest in finding and salvaging the remains of Captain Henry Morgan’s flagship, the 34-gun HMS Oxford, off of Haitian waters.

(Bob is not only a good friend of mine and a dynamite marine archaeologist, he’s also the curator and an adjunct professor at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.)

It’s been more than seven years since we began our pursuit to recover Morgan’s Oxford and we continue to believe that we’re getting closer–despite kidnappings, civil wars, devastating earthquakes, government-imposed moratoriums, and palace coups.

Read the rest on Pat Croce’s blog!

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