Crazy time

Things have been crazy busy on the Rum Barrel deck. One of our top highlights was the recent Key West Songwriters’ Festival. Missed Bo Bice? That’s OK. We grabbed a shot or 200 of him on-stage…

Bo Bice and crew rock out on the Rum Barrel Quarterdeck

and, of course, with the lovely ladies…

Yes, that’s me, Kat C., in the middle like a yellow Wednesday!

Then before we could take a breath, Zane Lamprey with HDNet’s Drinking Made Easy TV series–“the celebration, education and enjoyment of adult libations”–descended on the Rum Barrel to try out our famous Kill Devil drink for the show.

Here’s what @pat_croce tweeted: “Zane, Steve and I just drank Kill Devils at the Rum Barrel. I’m thru!”

They don’t call them Kill Devils for nothing! So, yes, there’s always something fun going on at the good ole’ RB.

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